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Chante Charles is a small business owner, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Certified Life and Business Coach. She took a $12 skill and turned it into a six-figure business. She is the CEO of "Charles Business Academy" and founder of "Motherhood and Entrepreneurship."


Charles Business Academy is a resource dedicated to helping others uncover their gifts and develop a strategy to turn those gifts into monetized assets.  

Chante's mission is to inspire, motivate and empower women to become the CEO of their lives to control their time and financial future by leveraging their skills and starting their own businesses.

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Home Interior

Home Care Boss Bootcamp

5-Week Bootcamp on how to start a non-medical home care agency


Royal Credit

A how-to manual that shows you what it takes to pull yourself out of the red, and into the black.


7 Days of Prayer
for Entrepreneurs

It's a combination of a devotional and journey

Notebook and Pen

21 Day Prayer Devotional for Entrepreneurs

A guide to help shape (or re-shape) your thinking around your purpose in business. 

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I created Motherhood & Entrepreneurship to help women. More specifically wives and mothers. To encourage and inspire them to launch out into the deep and take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Often, times as women we are told that we must choose either being a mother or a businesswoman, that it’s not possible to do both successfully. Motherhood & Entrepreneurship is here to dispel that myth. You can have it all. In fact, God wants you to have all your heart's desires. Consider the Proverbs 31 women. She took care of her family and she dominated in the marketplace. Motherhood & Entrepreneurship is here to help guide you along your journey as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

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Raqueil M., Careful Hearts

Let me start off by saying how phenomenal, amazing, and motivating of a woman, Chante, is along with her amazing Charles Business Academy. It was a great experience and a lot of knowledge, and the Home Care Boss Boot Camp was worth every minute of it.  

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Pam D., Careful Hearts

If you're looking for a program that will cover every aspect of the dream you're in pursuit of, Chante Charles is definitely your person! She's very down-to-earth and very realistic. She is truly a wealth of information. Her experience and knowledge and willingness to share are so refreshing. Her aim seems to be to work with the whole person. 


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